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ABRAM JONESHead Pre-Apprentice Electrical Instructor

Mr. Abram (Abe) Jones has been a master electrician for more than 40 years.  In addition to being a master electrician, Abe also holds his Bachelors degree in electrical engineering.  Abe decided to start helping the City of Detroit residents learn the electrical profession and fill a gap of skilled electricians in the City. Working alongside Emerging Industries Training Institute, Abe built a comprehensive curriculum designed to aid entry into the IBEW apprenticeship.

With a focus on residential wiring, Abe has afforded his students the opportunity of classroom and hands-on training. Students get a comprehensive overview of electrical theory and practical hands-on training.  Outside of Abe’s teaching time, he also owns a very successful Electrical company.  Due to the excellent training that EITI pre-apprentice electrical students receive, Abe has been hiring his students as they graduate training.  Working day and night, Abe is tirelessly working toward helping Detroiters obtain their own individual success.